Elemental II, composed by Eliane Radigue. Played in Espace Pasolini, Valencienne.


In the Art Zoyd studios, working with Glenn Branca

The bass is build by Philippe Dubreuille

Le Plateau, in Paris. "Another foot in the grave" - a live-sound installation

with a string orchestra - and computers - playing "MSG#9" in Poland - at Warsaw Autumn festival, in 2001. The second computer is the actual conductor

The premiere of Elemental II (E.Radigue) in Paris. It probably is the "air" section of the piece

Solo Computer in Krakow, Poland. Playing "Marine" i think. They told me police came.. anyhow it was a nice gig

Krakow - solo computer

playing BassComputer at Ars Electronica 2001

playing the "Global String" at Ars Electronica - a project made with Atau Tanaka

cello... played for some time, then I quit - and used it again