Myriam Gourfink / LOL



Choreographer, dance company

Myriam Gourfink _ Dance

foto by F Fichet

Choreographic processes used by Myriam Gourfink are widely influenced by the discovery of the data processing. Abstracted, the dance, often retained in the immobility, advocates an almost hypnotic slowness. Work where glance sharpens on the lines which loosen gestures and postures, until perceiving the micro-movements of the dancers, which seem to slide as a jerk of sounds. Breath and concentration base her dance which recovers from a meticulous work of internal visualization, an extreme attention carried to the physical volume and envisages the space as a set of trajectories constituted with interconnected invisible points.

Prizes: Beaumarchais Grant 2000 for  « Too Generate ». Villa Médicis hors les murs (New York 2000). Selection in the Swiss contemporary days of dance in Lausanne for the piece «Marine» (2001).  Choregraphic composition grant 2002 for « Contraindre » (Ministry of Culture and Communication).

Realisations : WAW (for one dancer and one musician), ÜBERENGELHEIT (for four dancers and one musician), GLOSSOLALIE (for one dancer and a power-book), TAIRE (for one dancer and one musician), DEMONOLOGY#5 (for two dancers and two musicians), TOO GENERATE (for one dancer and one musician L’ECARLATE (for two dancers, two musicians, one computer programmer and one notator), MARINE (for one dancer and one musician), RARE (six hours  installation  for five dancers, four musicians & video).