Telluric chaos and noise, or architectures of deserted landscapes, accents of underwater explosions, a quasi-constant electric howl and bursts of high-energy splinters - the L.F.O. is not about the quiet and the polite.
Bass instruments are not limited to their low register, they can play virtually as high as one can only imagine; but with a greater tension, a will to break the limits, the danger. Those used in L.F.O. - bass guitars, double-bass, bass sax, bass clarinets, bass trombone, bass cello, symphonic bass drums, all enhanced by electronics and the use of electricity - become sort of supra-instruments and their association is less an orchestra in the classical meaning, than a multiheaded entity whose music is similar to the frictions of tectonic plates agitated by slow brownian movements.



Kasper T. Toeplitz Bass + laptop www  
Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay Bass + laptop www  
Thierry Madiot Trombone, Horns www  
Didier Casamitjana Symphonic Bass Drums + fx www  
Heather Roche Bass Clarinet www  
Ulrich Maiss Electric CelloBass + fx www  
Fred Gastard Bass Sax + fx www  
Frederick Galiay Bass + fx www  
Erik Baron Bass + laptop www  
Adam Linson Double-bass + laptop www  
Serge Bertocchi Tubax www  

L.F.O. being a modulable orchestra, it is very possible that, along the road, the list of participating musicans slightly change. But the prerequisites are always the same: a bass instrument and the search for "something else".

Those who were just about to be part of it, but the individual plannings did not allow it

Ulrich Krieger Bass Clarinet + fx www  
Bruno Chevillon Double-bass + fx www  

L.F.O.'s first concert was on november 26th, 2010, during the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (www)