Kasper T. Toeplitz - Compositions & Scores

in no particular order. For all scores which need an electronic patch(MaxMSP most of the time) just ask for it, and it will be send !!!
All scores are not there, notably all those published by Ricordi (in the last century !), some other are maybe lost or of less interest.

Vents Stellaires

for the brass trio


* score Vents Stellaires*


for solo electric bass

* score ARCHE solo bass *

Arche was composed in 2021

and can be played as a solo bass piece or with the dance (of the same name) choreographied by Myriam Gourfink

with dancers it was performed at
_Le Générateur, Gentilly, on February 1st 2021
_Théatre de la Beauvaisie, Beauvais, Nov 23 2021
_Espace Pasolini, Valencienns Nov 25 & 26 2021
_Dijon, 14 &15 Dec 2021

solo version :

_Flashback 66, Perpignan, June 8 2021
_ Gothenborg, Sweden, Dec 10 2021
_festival B!ME, Lyon (Grame) March 2022

Vague de Pas

a composition for solo TAM and Tape, (written in January 1995)

• score Vague de Pas •

Vague de pas was recorded by Didier Casamitjana
on my very first CD, "Fissure", released by SONORIS label


a very old score for 2 trumpets, trombone and a MIDI sound generator

• score HAR •

Terres Brulées

for piano and Roli electronic keyboard. This "Paris version" is 30 minutes long.
A longer version (1 hour) is in the making.
The Roli uses a special MAX patch.

• score Terres Brulées (Paris) •

Terres Brulées was commissioned by the pianist Gabriella Smart who premiered it at
• Cité internationale des ARTS, Paris , 10 February 2020

Suspension - agrégat

for small ensemble & live-electronics, written for the ensemble ASK

• score Suspension-agregat •

Suspension-Agrégat was composed in 2015
Played by ASK (Aporia Survival Kit) :
• Festival Les jardins Musicaux, Cernier, Switzerland, 26 Aug 2015
• Oriental, Vevey, Switzerland 26 & 27 Nov 2015
• Festival Images Sonores, centre Henri Pousseur, Théâtre de Liège, 10 Dec 2016

Rupture & Dissipation

composition for ensemble, for 9 instruments, commissioned and played by ensemble Phoenix_Basel

• score Rupture & Dissipation •

Rupture & Dissipation was composed in 2012
Played by Ensemble Phoenix_Basel
direction Kasper T. Toeplitz
• Basel,Switzerland 8 & 9 June 2012
• Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland 10 June 2012
• Festival Sanatotium of Sound, Sokolowsko, Poland, 12 Aug 2016

Agitation / Stagnation

composion for ensemble, for the ensemble Zeitkratzer. The music was released on a doule CD, in two versions : the first one is the premiere,as played by Zeitkratzer, the second is the "electronic score" of the composition

• score Agitation / Stagnation •

Agitation / Stagnation was composed in 2016
• Festival Sacrum Profanum, Cracow, Poland, 4 Oct 2016
Played by Zeitkratzer, direction Kasper T. Toeplitz
• Festival Huddersfield, UK, 17 Nov 2017
Played by Zeitkratzer & 2E2M, direction Pierre Rouiller


a graphic score for electronic ensemble, performed and recorded by FORMANEX released on the CD box FORMANEX, 20 Years of Experimental Music

• score SZKIC •

SZKIC was composed in 2012
played by Formanex
• Instants chavirés, Paris, France, 28 Nov 2012
• Brussels, Belgium, 29 nov 2012

Demonology #11

a graphic score for electronic ensemble, my first graphic score. performed and recorded by FORMANEX released on the CD box FORMANEX, 20 Years of Experimental Music

• score Demonology #11 •

Demonology #11 composed in 2002
played by Formanex


for solo cello (electric or amplified) and live electronics. Composed for Ulrich Maiss in 2005. Recorded by Brice Catherin on the CD "Interférénces".

• score Cello_Titan •

CELLO_TITAN composed in 2005
Played by Ulrich Maiss
27 sept 2005, BKA Teater, Berlin, Allemagne
6 dec 2005, Tesla, Berlin, Allemagne
Played by Brice Catherin
10 juin 2015 European University of Cyprus, Chypre
18 march 2019, Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield, UK

Reflux - Reformation

for percussions (1 player) and live-electronics. Commissioned by Centre Henri Pousseur. Recorded by Tom de Cock on the CD "Interférénces".

• score Reflux-Reformation •

Reflux - Reformation composed in 2016
Played by Tom de Cock
11 dec 2016 Festival Images Sonores, Theatre de Liège, Liège Belgium
14 dec 2016 Festival Images Sonores, Flagey Studio 1, Bruxelles, Belgium

Secteurs d'Interférence

for solo (glissando) flute and live electronics. Recorded by Eric Drescher on the CD "Interférénces".

• score Secteurs d'interference •

Secteurs d'interférence composed in 2015
Played by Eric Drescher
13 nov 2015, Festival Klangwerkstatt, Berlin, Allemagne
2 june 2016 festival ZNFI Trbovlie, Slovenie
1 nov 2016 Biblioteca Maris de Andrade, Sao Paulo, Brésil

The monster which never Breathes

for pipe organ and some live electronics. Commissioned by Abbaye de Royaumont

• score The Monster which never breathes •

The Monster which never Breathes composed in 2010
Played by Eva Darracq
12 sept 2010, Abbaye de Royaumont
6 sept 2014, Abbaye de Royaumont

Later the same score but transcribed for Electrc bass & electronics (!!!) was played as
Breathing Monster
15 fev 2011 Red Cat Los Angeles, USA
14 jan 2012 Mains d'œuvre, St Ouen, France
14 fev 2012, Maison de l'étudiant, Arras, France
13 jan 2013, Chez Bushwick, New York, USA
5 avril 2013, Centre Pompidou, Metz, France
14 juin 2013, Cell Block Theater, Sydney, Australia
28 juin 2013, Dancehouse, Melbourne Australia
3 juillet 2013, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan
6 Juillet 2013, Dance cross, Yokohama, Japan
25 avril 2014, Tiger Tail Festival, Miami, USA


This is my house

for solo soprano saxophone and live-electronics. Written for the choregraphy of the same name by Myriam Gourfink (this was the second part of the piece, the first one being anelectronic solo. The saxophone piece was played by Ulrich Krieger

• score This Is My House •


music composed for the dance piece GRIS, choregraphy by Myriam Gourfink. For Lithophone, Electronics and Bass. Lithophone first played - and recorded on CD GRIS - by Philippe Foch, then played by Didier Casamitjana

• score GRIS •

GRIS composed in 2016
10 11 12 13 feb 2016, Centre Pompidou, Paris
23 feb 2017 festival les hivernales, Avignon
21 june 2017 festival Tours d'horizon, Centre chorégraphique de Tours
13, 14 nov 2019, Pompidou Center in Shanghai, West Bund, China

Convergence, Saturation & Dissolution

for solo electric harp and live electronics. Recorded by Hélène Breschand on the CD "Octopus"

• score Convergence, Saturation & Dissolution •

Convergence, Saturation & Dissolution composed in 2014
Comissioned by GRAME and played by Hélène Breschand
26 march 2014 Biennale de Lyon, GRAME, LYON
22 oct 2014, Beijing, China
25 oct  2014 Wuhan, China
20 nov 2014 Festival Bruits Blancs, Anis Gras Arcueil,France

Glissement (Orangerie)

for french Horn, Bass and live electronics, duration 30 minutes. Written for the performance (with the dance of Myriam Gourfink) in the musée de l'Orangerie, Paris, on the 30 September 2019. French horn, Elena Kakagliou, Bass & live electronics, KTT.

• score Glissement - orangerie •
Glissement (Orangerie) composed in 2019

Glissements d'infini

for percussions (Didier Cajamitjana) cello & bass cello (Brice Catherin) bass and live-electronics (KTT) . duration 4 hours

• score Glissements d'infini •

Glissements d'Infini composed in 2019
12 13 14 april 2019, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
14 june 2020 Festival de Danse de Uzés



for a trio of trumpet, trombone and saxophone (soprano & bass), live electronics and data-noise. Recorded on the CD "Inoculate?" by Journal Intime, KTT and Deborah Lary

• score Inoculate? •

Composed in 2011
played by trio Journal Intime, Deborah Lary and KTT
14 may 2011 Festival La muse en Circuit, Maison des arts, Créteil, France
21 sept 2015 festival automne de Varsovie, Soho Factory, Varsovie, Poland


bass, acoustic contrabass electronics and two dancers. Played by KTT, Marc Cauvin, Myriam Gourfink and Helen Sky

• score Quake•

Quake composed in 2019
21 22 23 mars 2019 Festival Dance Massive Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne, Australia



74 minutes long double-bass solo. For acoustic but amplified and spatialised instrument. Played by Bruno Chevillon. Written for the dance project of the same name by Myriam Gourfink

• score Déperdition •

composed in 2013
played by Bruno Chevillon and KTT
7, 8 june 2013, Forum du Blanc Mesnil, France
10 feb 2014, Theatre de Vanves, France


a 60 minutes long theremin solo - for one player but playing 2 theremins - and a MaxMSP patch as well. Was played by Laurent Dailleau. Written for the dance project of the same name by Myriam Gourfink

• score Contraindre •


an old (1998) composition for solo timpanis. Was played by Didier Casamitjana

• score HOOR •

INFRA (Souterrain)

composition for a later incarnation of SLEAZE ART, my group (or ensemble) of 4 electric basses. At the time Fred Galiay, Erik Abecassis, JB Hanak and KTT. Over one hour long pieces.Written for the dance "Souterrain" by Myriam Gourfink. Recorded on the CD "INFRA"

• score INFRA •


another take on INFRA, this time way shorter and more violent. Still played by Fred Galiay, Erik Abecassis, JB hanak and KTT. Recorded on the CD "INFRA BLAST"

• score INFRA BLAST•